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"The star of the Broadway musical Gypsy singing ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses’ exactly as she does it in the show — Miss Ethel Merman!”

From Perry Como’s Kraft Music Hall - October 5, 1960, via Youregonnalovetomorrow

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Let Me Entertain You

Ann-Margret vamps her way through “Let Me Entertain You.” [Buy Album]

Barbara Tirrell summons Mr. Goldstone to our Sondheimas celebration.

Tamra Hayden sings our theme song, “Three Wishes for Christmas Sondheimas,” cut from Gypsy.

For the sake of YouTube, we edited out most of the schtick that happened between songs at Three Wishes for Sondheimas. So if you’re wondering what Seth Christenfeld and Warren Hoffman are doing upstage, they are decorating the festive beanstalk with Jets and Sharks ornaments colored by the audience. They earned this honor by successfully answering Sondheim trivia questions. (Seth is an up-and-coming lyricist; Warren the author of The Great White Way: Race and the Broadway Musical. Both also happen to be friends of mine, but as I told the audience, they weren’t plants… I just travel in circles with people who know the answers to obscure Sondheim trivia questions.)

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Kay Medford,

We are currently observing the advent period of Perpetual Anticipation which culminates with Sondheimas, the birthday of Stephen Sondheim. Today is the fifth day of Perpetual Anticipation.

One of the cherished traditions of Sondheimas involves setting out eggrolls late at night in anticipation of Mr. Goldstone’s visit. The song “Mr. Goldstone” from Gypsy is one of the least-loved songs in the Sondheim canon. Kay Medford’s performance isn’t likely to change your mind, but I can’t get over the fact that someone thought having the actress known for playing Momma Brice in Funny Girl record the songs from Jule Styne’s other Momma would be a big seller.

Will we get 54 Below to add eggrolls to the menu for Three Wishes for Sondheimas? If not, will Mr. Goldstone visit, and will he be pleased? There’s only one way to find out.

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Tony Yazbeck & Ensemble,
Gypsy (2008 Broadway Cast Recording)

"Three Wishes for Christmas," cut from Gypsy, performed by Tony Yazbeck and the ensemble from the 2008 Broadway revival of Gypsy.

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Klea Blackhurst,
Everything The Traffic Will Allow

One of the few renditions of this song that goes in a very different direction from Merman’s, and it works.

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Diahann Carroll,
Easy To Love - Four Original LPs

Diahann Carroll is returning to Broadway this year in A Raisin in the Sun. Start practicing how to spell her name, and more importantly, familiarize yourself with her fantastic career. Let’s hope that while she’s in town she’ll do some club dates at 54 Below too. [Buy Album]

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Patti LuPone,
Live at 54 Below

GUYS! Patti opened her show last night with THE COW NUMBER from GYPSY! 

Okay, not the whole number, but still. My heart skipped!!!

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Tony Bennett,
Yesterday I Heard The Rain

Yesterday Blues2Broadway posted this song in a version digitized from an LP. It’s one of two songs Sondheim wrote with Jule Styne just for Tony Bennett. I hopped online before reblogging to find the cover image only to discover the album has finally been released digitally, so here’s a remastered version of the same song.