Fuck Yeah Stephen Sondheim

Bow before the fucking king of musical theater.

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81 plays
Edward Seckerson,
The Independent Podcast

The Independent podcast with Caroline O’Connor and Paul Kerryson, star and director (respectively) of Gypsy at Leicester’s Curve Theatre… listen through to the end for Caroline’s rendition of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”

Whose Line Is It Anyway: Josie Lawrence improvises two songs in the style of Sondheim.

(It should be obvious before you hit play that this is from the British version of the show. I can’t imagine American audiences getting the joke.)



Word on Twitter is that the UK Sweeney Todd cast album is being recorded (live) today.

Yep, this is what Michael tweeted this morning:

Yeah, my info came from @SweeneyToddUK:

…and it seems to me that whatever they meant by “live” wasn’t what I thought it meant. That is to say, they seem to be recording it in a studio the normal way, and not straight-through in front of an audience. And might I add, I am relieved to learn this. :)

(via thefleetstreetvicomte)