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Kurt Peterson and Victoria Mallory, from the original cast of Follies (and the ‘68 revival of West Side Story) on Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox.

During preparation for Woods, the musical director warned Kendrick that no Cinderella had ever nailed the big ballad, “On the Steps of the Palace,” an atonal whirlwind.

"There’s always a note or two that’s wrong, because the song is impossible," Kendrick says, "so I made it my mission to actually get the fucking notes right, which I didn’t realize was going to be such a problem." Doesn’t that sounds like the vow of a Type A overachiever, after all?

"I guess," Kendrick says reluctantly. She pauses, then bursts out laughing. "Or you could look at it like, well, that’s my fucking job."

Michael Portantiere’s interview with Mary Rodgers (conducted in March of this year, only three months before her death) appears in the current Sondheim Review magazine. The Review has given us permission to reprint this interview online.

Monet Sabel (previously featured on Fuck Yeah Stephen Sondheim for her work with Charlie Rosen’s Broadway Big Band) is doing a set of early Sondheim numbers at Don’t Tell Mama in August. I’ll be at the show on August 18th. Sit with me?

One of the more surreal moments from Friday’s Elaine Stritch tribute at Mostly Sondheim at the Duplex: Adam Feldman and Anthony Fett imagining what “Barcelona” might have sounded like had Bobby woken up with Joanne. Featuring Joshua Stephen Kartes at the piano.

Preceded by a memory from Adam from his interview with Elaine Stritch about the DVD release of D A Pennebaker’s documentary about the making of the Company Original Cast Album. Song begins at approximately 2:20.

Molly Pope - “Broadway Baby” with musical director Joshua Stephen Kartes at the piano.

A Tribute to Elaine Stritch

Mostly Sondheim at the Duplex

New York City

July 18, 2014

1,380 plays
Elaine Stritch,
Elaine Stritch Singin’' Sondheim...One Song at a Time

In Elaine’s penultimate show at the Carlyle, she performed a spoken word version of “Every Day A Little Death,” turning Stephen Sondheim into a piece of poetry. “It’s tough to do this,” she said, “and if I get through it, we’ll alllll have another drink, so let’s wish me well.”



I don’t think this song gets much better than this. Elaine Stritch performing “The Ladies Who Lunch” before it gathered all the baggage of being her signature song.

I’m hearing from reliable sources that Elaine Stritch has passed away. A moment of silence would be the least appropriate response, so instead, I’d like to propose a toast.

Here’s to the one and only lady who lunched, there will never be another like her.

I’ll drink to that.


In case you missed it earlier, The Liaisons Project is now raising money to complete a three-disc set of recordings of 36 new works for piano based on the music of Stephen Sondheim, composed by many of our greatest living composers from the worlds of classical, jazz, and Broadway, performed by Anthony De Mare.

I am proud to be supporting this project, and I hope you will consider contributing as well. I’m excited to see that on the first day of the campaign, they’ve already raised more than 10% of the goal, with a few names I recognize as fuckyeahstephensondheim followers among the first supporters. Go team!

Jackie Hoffman is tweeting from inside the audition room for (presumably) the Broadway revival of Forum.