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Lauren Bacall sings “The Saga of Lenny,” a bit of specialty material Stephen Sondheim wrote (after the Weill/Gershwin “Saga of Jenny”) for Leonard Bernstein’s 70th birthday. Paul Ford at the piano.

The grand finale of Three Wishes for Sondheimas, “Loving You” from Passion performed by the Sondheimas Tabernacle Choir, in a beautiful new arrangement by andreistrizek.

Molly Pope - “There Won’t Be Trumpets” from Anyone Can Whistle at Three Wishes for Sondheimas at 54 Below.

Despite coming as the penultimate number in a really fabulous evening of amazing performances, Molly absolutely brought the fucking house down with this number. We’re talking like Judges 16:30.

would you have any Idea if there is a full Video or Bootleg out there of Sweeney Todd with Emma Tompson?
fuckyeahstephensondheim fuckyeahstephensondheim Said:

There is a full video, because it’s been taped for television broadcast. Just hold tight and you’ll be able to watch it legally, in a beautifully shot, multi-camera, high definition version.

"Every Day A Little Death" - Leah Horowitz with Tamra Hayden
from Three Wishes for Sondheimas at 54 Below

The Sondheimas Pageant, written by Rachel Shukert, and performed by yours truly (David Levy), with assistance from Leah Horowitz, Tim Federle, Terry Burrell, and more.


The show was recorded on April the 2nd and will be presented on France Musique by Renaud Machart, aka that guy who wrote that awfully dry biography in french of Stephen Sondheim.

If someone manages to record the show, yay !

Rachel Shukert on the Arthur Laurents letters…

Barbara Tirrell summons Mr. Goldstone to our Sondheimas celebration.

Orville Mendoza: Sweeney Todd medley from Three Wishes for Sondheimas at 54 Below